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"Sugar candy story is an awesome game with 100 challenging levels with tons of fun!"

Sugar candy story!

100 awesome levels to play and you don´t have to pay anything for the game, simply download it and you will be a part of something big, the Sugar candy story game is here to stay. Get it now and recieve free lifetime updates as we have several updates on the way. Earn powerful powerups, reveal the secreats that lures around the corner to maximize the game further more and find the spectacular boosters and bonuses that you could earn by playing the game right!

The awesome game!


Sugar candy story

Suitable for: ALL AGES!
Game play: Awesome match 3 on a new level, gather powerups and magical boosters to collect and sort the sweets and candies along the way on the journey of 100+ levels.


How to get them: don´t miss the hints
Power ups: Earn magical power ups that will help you solve tricky levels and ease your way. Different power ups and tweaks are also available in the shop an you can watch free movies to earn coins.



Free updates: FOR LIFE
WHY?: We love our game and we want to continue bring you free lifetime updates with new levels, added funtions and magical power ups and other exitemet stuff, all we ask in return is for you to play our FREE gme and rate it, sounds fair right!?.


What is this?: BRAND NEW GAMES
Games: Look for other games that will be released, we focus on quality and engaging type of games for you and your family wich can be downloaded for free, follow us on social media to keep up to date.



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